Pallet Removal Services

Recovery and Recycling your pallets is important to us and you! It helps keep wood out of landfills and helps reduce your operating cost. How does it reduce your operating cost? By not having to pay companies to decompose of them and if you have the standard size 48x40" 4 way pallets, we will pay you for them!

We can remove your pallets by live loading and having one of our trucks pick them up. You can have them delivered to our warehouse or if you have a lot of volume we can do a drop trailer program to meet your needs.

Food Grade

If you're a food manufacturer you are aware that you need a clean A grade pallet. All of our A grade pallets are made with clean and fresh wood in our warehouse. 


Most large companies can use Recycled B grade pallets. These are fixed pallets that are a great cost alternative to new pallets. 

Heat Treating

‚ÄčIf you're shipping product out of the country, it's mandatory that your pallets/ crates meet the ALSC requirements.

Pallet Repair Program 

Does your company accumulate a surplus of unused pallets? We can pick them up, fix them and return them back to your facility. 




Common Pallet Sizes

  • 48x40"    
  • 40x40"
  • 42x42"
  • 48x48"
  • 72x48"
  • 36x36"
  • 44x44"
  • 60x60"

We offer any size pallet/crate that your company may need. Please contact us for your specific pallet/ crate quote.


We eliminate waste and reduce cost out of your Supply Chain

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